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Feb 15th 2014

Hello friend! I am so glad you have made your way to my little space on the world wide web! I wanted to take a second to introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me! My name is Beth Silcott and I live in beautiful North Carolina. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my parents & two sisters. My mom taught me to quilt and sew at a young age and I have been sewing/crafting/quilting/scrapbooking in some way, shape or form ever since!

I studied fashion design & interior design at Meredith College here in Raleigh, North Carolina. I had grand plans to move to Paris but then I meet the man of my dreams and realized God had other plans for me. I graduated with Interior Design & an art minor, got married and started a business designing high-end, custom wedding invitations. My mom and I had a blast working together, attending wedding shows, meeting new people and being a part of such a special time in couples’ lives!

Flash forward several years & three children and my priorities changed. I decided to stay home with my babies, but during that time, God laid it on my heart to keep my children at home and we decided to try homeschooling. I spent my days sewing clothes, playing games, and teaching kindergarten. During that time my dad proposed that we find some land to create a family compound. So we found some land, build a house, had our fourth child and moved into a new home and town. Shortly after we moved, my parents completed their house next door and my sister began construction on her house as well! Cherry Creek Farm was founded and it was so exciting!

But, on July 15th, 2015, everything changed. My mom passed away suddenly. It shook all of us to the core. She was my best friend and the true matriarch of our family and we were all completely lost without her. I tried to get back to life, homeschooling, church, etc. but it was very hard to be motivated.

Kind of on a whim, a girlfriend and I started a small homeschool co-op in my dining room. We started with 5 families, but quickly outgrew my house. After a lot of prayer and discussion, we started Great Endeavor Homeschoolers. We grew from 5 to 45 families within a year and our co-op classes began meeting at our church. We had fieldtrips, holiday parties, social events, etc. I successfully applied for 501(c)3 status and we chartered a Trail Life troop and an American Heritage Girls troop. It was a crazy and busy time…but I was still a mess.

Then my sister introduced me to a new charter school opening in our area. After lots of prayer, tears and talks, my husband and I applied for the lottery. All 3 older kids were accepted (JJ was only 4). More prayer, tears & talking and we decided we needed a change and we had nothing to lose, so off to school they went. Some more reluctant than others, but it ended up being an amazing blessing for our family. The kids have excelled at school and made new wonderful new friends. I have been able to figure out who I am now. I rediscovered my love of sewing, quilting, and crafting and feel so close to my mom when I am doing these things.

I would give anything to have my mom back but God has blessed this broken road. I am a discovering who I want to be going forward and I like what the future holds. This year, all four kids are in school and thriving! And so Cherry Creek Craft Co was born. I wish my mom was here to quilt right along side me and impart more quilting wisdom, but I am so excited to see where God takes me on this new journey.

I hope you will visit again soon to see what we are up to! 

Cherry on! 


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